exopy.app.errors.errors module

Declarations for the extensions to the error plugin.

class exopy.app.errors.errors.ErrorHandler(parent=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: enaml.core.declarative.Declarative

Handler taking care of certain kind of errors.


Id of the error. When signaling errors it will referred to as the kind.


Short description of what this handler can do. The keyword for the handle method should be specified.

handle(workbench, infos)[source]

Handle the report by taking any appropriate measurement.

The error should always be logged to be sure that a trace remains.

  • workbench – Reference to the application workbench.

  • infos (dict or list) – Informations about the error to handle. Should also accept a list of such description. The format of the infos should be described in the description member.


widget – Enaml widget to display as appropriate in a dialog.

Return type



Provide a report about all errors that occurred.

Implementing this method is optional.


widget – A widget describing the errors that will be included in a dialog by the plugin. If None is returned the report is simply ignored.

Return type