exopy.instruments.settings.base_settings module

Base classes to handle driver settings edition.

Settings are architecture specific information. Then can allow to select a if several are available for example.

class exopy.instruments.settings.base_settings.BaseSettings(parent=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: enaml.widgets.group_box.GroupBox

Base widget for creating settings.


Id of this settings (different from the declaration one as multiple settings of the same type can exist for a single instrument).


Reference to the declaration that created this object.


Whether or not to make the settings editable


Return the current values as a dictionary.

The base funcion should always be called (using BaseSettings.gather_infos as super is not allowed in declarative functions) and all values should be strings.


A value of type unicode.

By default, plain strings will be promoted to unicode strings. Pass strict=True to the constructor to enable strict unicode checking.

class exopy.instruments.settings.base_settings.Settings(parent=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: enaml.core.declarative.Declarative

A declarative class for contributing a driver settings.

Settings object can be contributed as extensions child to the ‘settings’ extension point of the ‘exopy.instruments’ plugin.


Unique name used to identify the editor.


Connection description.

new(workbench, defaults, read_only)[source]

Create a new setting and instantiate it properly.

Defaults should be used to update the created setting.