exopy.instruments.user module

Declaration of plugin susceptible to use instruments

class exopy.instruments.user.InstrUser(parent=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: enaml.core.declarative.Declarative

Extension to the ‘exopy.instruments.users’ extensions point.


Plugin id associated with this use of instrument. This allow the manager to know what part of the application requested the right to use some drivers.


Is the plugin susceptible to release the profiles it is currently using if the manager asks it to do so.

release_profiles(workbench, profiles)[source]

Release the specified profiles or some of them.

This call can block until the profiles can be released (if it is likely to happen in a relatively short time). The ‘exopy.instruments.notify_profiles_released’ command should not be called (the manager knows what profiles it requested and will handle the tracking of the current user for each profile itself).

  • workbench – Application workbench.

  • profiles (list[unicode]) – List of profiles the manager is requesting the user to release.


released_profiles – List of the profiles that have been released.

Return type