exopy.measurement.monitors.text_monitor.rules.std_rules module

Rules allow to defines some automatic handling of database entries in the TextMonitor.

class exopy.measurement.monitors.text_monitor.rules.std_rules.RejectRule[source]

Bases: exopy.measurement.monitors.text_monitor.rules.base.BaseRule

Automatically remove an entry matching one of the specified suffixes.

try_apply(new_entry, monitor)[source]

Hide an entry if it suffix match.

class exopy.measurement.monitors.text_monitor.rules.std_rules.FormatRule[source]

Bases: exopy.measurement.monitors.text_monitor.rules.base.BaseRule

Create a new entry with a special formatting if some entries exist.

Simple entries which would be redundant with the informations contained in the new formatting can be automatically hidden.


The format in which the new entry created by the rule should be displayed


The suffix of the new entry created by the rule.


Whether or not to hide the entries used by the rules.

try_apply(new_entry, monitor)[source]

If all suffixes are found for a single task, create a new entry and hide the components if asked to.