exopy.tasks.tasks.decorators module

Definition of the base tasks.

The base tasks define how task interact between them and with the database, how ressources can be shared and how preferences are handled.


Check the state of the stop and pause event and handle the pause.

When the pause stops the main thread take care of re-initializing the driver owners (so that any user modification shoudl not cause a crash) and signal the other threads it is done by setting the resume flag.


root (RootTask) – RootTask of the hierarchy.


exit – Whether or not the function returned because should_stop was set.

Return type

bool or None


Decorator allowing to stop or pause at the beginning of a task.

This is applied the perform method of every task marked as stoppable. This check is performed before dealing with parallelism or waiting.


This decorator ensures that any unhandled error will cause the measurement to stop in a nice way. It is always present at the root call of any thread.

class exopy.tasks.tasks.decorators.ThreadDispatcher(perform, pool)[source]

Bases: atom.atom.Atom

Dispatch calling a function to a thread.


Flag set when the thread is ready to accept new jobs.

dispatch(task, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Dispatch the work to the background thread.


Stop the background thread.

exopy.tasks.tasks.decorators.make_parallel(perform, pool)[source]

Machinery to execute perform in parallel.

Create a wrapper around a method to execute it in a thread and register the thread.

  • perform (method) – Method which should be wrapped to run in parallel.

  • pool (str) – Name of the execution pool to which the created thread belongs.

exopy.tasks.tasks.decorators.make_wait(perform, wait, no_wait)[source]

Machinery to make perform wait on other tasks execution.

Create a wrapper around a method to wait for some threads to terminate before calling the method. Threads are grouped in execution pools. This method supports new threads being started while it is waiting.

  • perform (method) – Method which should be wrapped to wait on threads.

  • wait (list(str)) – Names of the execution pool which should be waited for.

  • no_wait (list(str)) – Names of the execution pools which should not be waited for.

  • parameters are mutually exlusive. If both lists are empty the (Both) –

  • will be deffered till all the execution pools have completed (execution) –

  • works. (their) –