exopy.tasks.tasks.logic.loop_task module

Task allowing to perform a loop. The iterable is given by an interface.

class exopy.tasks.tasks.logic.loop_task.LoopTask[source]

Bases: exopy.tasks.tasks.task_interface.InterfaceableTaskMixin, exopy.tasks.tasks.base_tasks.ComplexTask

Complex task which, at each iteration, call all its child tasks.


Flag indicating whether or not to time the loop.


Task to call before other child tasks with current loop value. This task is simply a convenience and can be set to None.


A value of type dict.

check(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Overriden so that interface check are run before children ones.


Perform the loop on the iterable calling all child tasks at each iteration.

This method shoulf be called by the interface at the appropriate time.


iterable (iterable) – Iterable on which the loop should be performed.


A Typed which delays resolving the type definition.

The first time the value is accessed or modified, the type will be resolved and the forward typed will behave identically to a normal typed.


A value of type str.

Under Python 2 this is a byte string and behaves as Bytes with respect to promotion, under Python 3 it is a unicode string and behaves as Unicode with respect to promotion.

The use of this member is discouraged in Python 2/3 compatible codebase as Bytes and Unicode provide a more homogeneous behavior.